Get the professional summer glow look with Sienna X

Get the professional summer glow look with Sienna X

We have had a lovely start the Summer 2019 with some great weather. 

Us Brit’s often complain when it’s too cold, and again when it’s too hot.  However I think it’s fair to say we have been spoilt with lots of sunshine and warm weather and long may it continue.

Many of you have been working hard, often not getting a lunch break or time to enjoy the heat of the sun on your skin.  The small amount of free time you get during the day, you are looking at holiday booking websites or on the phone to a travel agent.  Now your summer holiday is only a few weeks away but you feel pasty! Worried you will be that person around the pool that looks like Casper the ghost?

Worry no more…

At SalonSkincare we know how important it is to go on holiday with a glow helping you to look and feel great.  We are proud to stock Sienna X, with a range of products for all skin shades.  Sienna will give you that professional sunless tan.